3D Printed Shoes That Fits In Your Pocket

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In some of our recent articles we have shed light on the extraordinary work done by 3D Printing in the field of medicine. However, now 3D Printing is making its way to the Fashion Industry.

Recreus, a Spanish company specializing in 3D printer filament is known for its unique filament named Filaflex famous for its extreme flexibility. The first version of sneakers was created last year but the main problem was that the 3D Printing Filaments were mostly plastic materials that lack the desired flexibility to make shoes that are comfortable to wear. Thankfully, Filaflex has solved this problem and created Sneakerbot II.


These shoes look part futuristic, part retro and are inspired from 80’s culture and films like Star wars and back to the future. What makes them even more interesting and desirable is their compact nature as they can easily be stored in your back pocket.


The designer of these cool sneakers is Ignacio Garcia. These sneakers were 3D printed in Filaflex 1.75mm. These filaments usually get tangled when being pushed into the hot end so for this purpose Recreus has developed a special extruder for Filaflex, combines with stainless steel hot end.


Another intriguing feature is that they can be printed with a varying degree of infill , meaning you can make them harder and softer based on your needs. But Are they the future of footwear? Well in their current form, not so much! These shoes lack the material and fabric that doesn’t let the sweat and bacteria to accumulate inside so they are probably not the most resilient to wear outside. but we hope that the printing material and design will get more refined over time.

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