6 Life Hacks To Make Life More Easy And Simpler

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Are you always in search for tips and tricks to make your life easier? Of course you are! Everyone is looking for shortcuts to fast-pace the world around. We could always use tricks that can help reduce the time on unimportant small tasks.

Here are some ingenious hacks that will help you in solving day to day problems. You can contribute to the list by sharing your all-time favorite hacks.

1. Cutting A Lot Of Cherry Tomatoes Easily 

If you need to cut a lot of tomatoes, then it will be time-consuming to cut them one by one. There is an easier method for which you should place tomatoes in a plate and cover them with another plate but a leave a small gap in between.

cutting a lot of cherry tomatoes

Then slice a knife through the gap while holding the plate from above.

cutting a lot of cherry tomatoes 2

You will now have perfect halves of tomatoes in your plate.

cutting a lot of cherry tomatoes 3

2. Light Up A Faulty Burner With A Spagetti 

If you have a faulty burner that won’t light up, you can follow this simple trick. Use a spaghetti stick and light it up from a working burner, then turn on a little gas on faulty one and light it up with the spaghetti stick.

Turn On Faulty Burn With Spagetti

3. Quickly Cool Down A Soda Without A Refrigerator

Take a bowl and mix water, lots of ice and salt in it. The salt will further decrease the temperature of the ice-water. Now place the soda can in the mixture for about a minute, stir the mixture and let it sit for another minute. So you have cooled the soda can in about two minutes which is way faster than a refrigerator.

Cool Down Warm Soda

4. How To Do Space Saving Packing 

Place your underwear on the t-shirt and fold the sides of the t-shirt over top.

Space Saving Packing 1

Place your socks on the t-shirt with the open ends on the outside and roll up your t-shirt around the socks.

Space Saving Packing 2

Now reverse the open ends of the sock around the shirt to make a neat little bundle.

Space Saving Packing 3

5. Make An Orange Candle 

Slice an orange from the center with care of not cutting the fruit. Then peel off the half skin and make sure that the centre white piece is still intact. The center white piece will act as a candle wick.

Make A Candle From Orange 2

Pour olive oil in the half orange peel and make sure the wick is fully wet. Light up the wick and enjoy orange candle.

Make A Candle From Orange

6. Avoid Fog On Car Windows 

Take a pair of socks, fill one of them with cat litter and wrap it up in the other sock. Tie tthem up. Now place it on your car shelf; it will soon absorbing extra moisture from the car.

Remove Fog From Car Windows

Source: Dave Hax, Viral Nova

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