7 Laptop Battery Secrets You Should Know

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Does your laptop need a replacement battery? If yes, then before running off to the market, make sure to read through the following secrets which can help you find the best replacement battery.

1. Laptop Battery Buyer Beware

Make sure you buy a laptop battery from a U.S company instead of companies offering low price batteries over the internet, Amazon or e-bay. Never fall for Chinese batteries which offer higher capacities in minimum price. These companies use substandard components, practice random safety testing procedures, have no service representatives available in USA and they make returns & exchanges difficult for customers.

2. You Pay Extra For Branding And Labeling In Laptop Batteries

The leading brands in laptop batteries such as Apple, Toshiba, Dell, HP use third party components and charge customers extra for brand name. You can buy an aftermarket OEM product at half the price from the branded ones.

Laptop Battery Brands

3. Laptop Battery Components Determine Battery Performance

The quality and safety specifications for the three main components of a laptop battery determine the overall quality, life span and performance of the replacement laptop battery. These components include Battery cells, circuit board and battery casting. Samsung, LG, and Texas Instruments are world renowned for the quality, safety, and lifespan of their battery components which are used in the assembly of most laptop batteries.
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4. Battery Life Expectancy Varies

High quality components lead to longer lasting batteries as compared to low quality components. A laptop battery can provide between 400-800 life cycles depending on usage and battery. The following are an estimated life span on different quality cells.

  • Highest Quality Batteries (Grade A Cells) – 12-18 months
  • Medium Quality Batteries (Grade B Cells) – 10-15 months
  • Low Quality Batteries (Grade C Cells) – 5-10 months

Laptop Battery Secrets

5. Laptop Battery Assembly & Testing Procedures Are Not All the Same

Regular and thorough quality & safety testing are important factors in your battery choice. All the reputable battery manufacturers perform rigorous testing on each battery at different stages in the manufacturing process to ensure that both the quality and safety standards are maintained. Non-reputable battery manufacturers do not follow quality assurance leading to faulty and unsafe batteries. 

6. Warranty Coverage For Laptop Batteries

Most of the time laptop batteries fail sooner than the warranty time period. Therefore, make sure you are protected for a warranty atleast one year after your purchase. You should always check warranty coverage before purchasing a replacement laptop battery.

7. You Can Actually Renew Your Laptop Battery When Its Dead

You don’t need to buy a brand new battery to replace the dead battery in your laptop. Instead, you can just replace the cells inside the dead battery to make it brand new again. Read more for a step by step guide to replacing the cells.

After removing the laptop battery case

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