7 Smartphone Repairs You Can Do At Home

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Smartphones can wear and tear overtime but you cannot pay hundreds of dollars for repair every time. Most of the smartphone problems can be easily resolved at home. Today, we have gathered 7 such smartphone repairs that you can do at home.

1. Get Rid Of Fuzzy Noise In Your Smartphone

You can eliminate the interior noise and improve the audio quality of your smartphone by cleaning out the dirt in the headphone jack. Use a cotton swab for this purpose.

clean audio jack for better sound

2. Cool Down An Overheating Smartphone 

Overheating can both be a software or a hardware problem. You can follow these few tips to keep your smartphone cool.

  • First of all, ease up on streaming and browsing which takes a lot of processing power
  • Avoid playing HD games while the phone is charging.
  • Adjust your screen brightness to minimum.
  • Let your phone breath and get it out of the non-breathable case.
  • The cooler your smartphone is, the longer it will last and the better battery life it will have.

cool down an overheating smartphone

3. Resurrect A Soaked Phone 

If you dropped your phone in water, remove the battery and place it along with your phone in a bag of rice for 2-3 days. Rice will absorb the moisture and your smartphone will be good as new.

dry out a soaked phone

4. Make Your Phone Scratch Free Again 

Smartphones get scratched up overtime even if they are taken care of. You can brush the bezel or sandpaper the back to get it smooth and shiny again.

make your smartphone shinier again

5. Repair Stuck And Unresponsive Buttons

A simple trick is to use a rubbing alcohol with cotton swap to wipe on it and press the button a few times. This works most of the time, but if not, then you may need to replace the button.

repair stuck button of your smartphone

6. Unclog The Charging Port 

Overtime, your charger may not fit into the port that well. This may lead to longer charging hours. Use a sharp toothpick to unclog the charging port to remove the dirt.

unclog smartphone charging port

7. Replace A Shattered Screen 

If you choose the right tool kit and follow some DIY tutorials, you can easily replace a shattered screen of your smartphone. Here is a simple tutorial that you can follow at home.

replacing cracked screen

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