800 MB Download In One Second – A Dream Coming Soon To Life

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South Korean Ministry of Science and Technology is planning to spend $1.5 billion (1.6 trillion won) to build a national 5G wireless network by the end of 2020. The new network reportedly is 1000 times faster than the previously available 4G network in the country, which gives a speed of 75 megabits per second (Mbps) according to ZDNet. Users will be able to download an 800 megabytes file in a mere 1 second time. Apparently the fastest internet in the world will make it possible to access your emails and social media accounts from a bullet train.

“We helped fuel national growth with 2G services in the 1990s, 3G in the 2000s and 4G around 2010. Now it is time to take preemptive action to develop 5G,” the ministry reportedly said in a statement, adding: “Countries in Europe, China and the US are making aggressive efforts to develop 5G technology … and we believe there will be fierce competition in this market in a few years.”

The ministry plans to test the network on social media by the end 2017, and launch it commercially by December, 2020.

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