A Fully Functional Quadcopter Made Out Of 3D Printing Pen

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The world’s first 3D doodler printing pen was launched last year from kickstarter, where more than 2 million people pledged for the project. At that time the pen appeared useful for artists and creative designers only. The science behind 3Doodler is that, it enables you to draw right out of your imagination without complicated software or extensive art training.

Who knew that it would make fully functional toy drone too, someday?

quadcopter made by 3d doodler pen

Matt Quest is a design visualization specialist. He drew the body of quad-copter using 3Doodler pen and after simple electronics, came up with amazing working quadcopter. His design is similar to DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter – a photographer or a journalist dream to capture aerial images and live stream. Phantom 2 weighs 2.5 pound and can fly for 25 minutes ranging within 1000 feet.

This piece of technology, however will avert the dangerous situations for photographers and TV news camera men. Phantom 2 quadcopter costs around $1200 but 3Doodler project is definitely lesser in cost.

3D doodled quadcopter

Matt Quest first traced a body on the card board using a pen. He then used the 3Doodler to make a plastic version of the trace. The circuit board, four fans and a battery was attached to doodled model. The video below shows the whole procedure and a demo of the quadcopter flying seamlessly using a remote controller. A few more improvements can create a less costly version of Phantom 2 and might as well capture live aerial images.

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