A New Way Is Discovered To Burn Fat

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Obesity seems to be a common issue in the modern world. It accounts for $200 billion annually or 20% of health care costs as excessive fat have a negative impact on a person’s health.  However, there exists no miracle medicine for weight loss. According to various surveys, liposuction tops the surgical wish-lists which clearly indicates the length people will go to look smart and healthy.

gold nanoparticles fat reduction

Liposuction maybe a popular method for fat reduction but it leads to bruising, lumping and in some cases may even damage the connective tissues and nerves. It’s like dealing with one problem and giving rise to several others.

Since the early 2000’s, doctors have been using gold nanoparticles to destroy tumors. Gold nanoparticles, when exposed to infrared light, gets heated up quickly which results in getting rid of unwanted tissues only.

nanolipo reducing fat using gold nanoparticles

Almutairi, a nanomedicine expert, pitched the idea of using gold nanoparticles for fat reduction to her brother, Khalid, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Gold nanoparticles can be injected and break up the fat tissues as these particles heat up. Since the fat tissues break up at low temperatures as compared to surrounding tissues, the connective tissues and nerves remain unharmed.

Almutairi and her brother have proved the concept by liquefying the fatty substances in butter and bacon within few minutes. Since then, they have formed their own company NanoLip and have filed patents.

The technology is currently in animal testing process. Human trial will take place later this year. If all goes well, this new fat reduction technology will be in the market by 2017.

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