A Robot That Can Wear A Human Face

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The famous scientist and science populariser Michio Kaku once said in an interview that as far as artificial intelligence goes, today’s robots have the thinking capability of cockroaches, retarded cockroaches. He said that the fabled “singularity”, a time when machines will be come self aware is nowhere near today. However, that doesn’t mean that robots won’t continue to “aspire” to human intelligence. Take the SociBot-Mini for example.


The Soci-Bot Mini is a robot that has face recognition enabled, but so what? So does every other device these days, the one thing that’s novel about the Mini is that you can beam your face on to its own (which is a transparent layer) and it can transmit your face to other people when you’re not there. Imagine being late for a conference and just beaming your face on to a Mini that’s just sitting and attending the meeting while being somewhere else.

socibot mini

The robot can recognize your moods by analyzing the lines or expression on your face and it can also keep an eye on you while you pace around the room. The robot can also determine your age. It does all this via a camera that is planted in its system and uses depth perception such as in Microsoft’s Kinect, to recognize gestures.

There is only one word to describe this, creepy. Who knows, soon we may all live in a world like that of the movie I, Robot.

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