A Universal Wifi Plug That Controls Everything

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A new product by the name of Wifi Plug has been unveiled to the public. The product claims to turn any gadget in to a remote controlled device through the use of Wifi.

Wifi Plug

Wifi Plug

The description on the website states that the plug is a wireless connector between any appliance that you can plug in and a device that can control it. This can be a coffee maker, a television, a blender, or a hair straightener, just as long as it can be plugged in to the Wifi Plug.

The product is attractive as the appliances can be controlled from any where in the world (or so they say) and by any device with a Wifi connection. A free app for iOS and Android has been released as well. However the main idea of the Wifi Plug is not to control one solitary appliance, but to control ones entire home. Indeed, the website reads: control your HOME from your PHONE.

Ideas like these have become increasingly common recently as companies like AT&T are focusing on designing a “Home of the future” in which everything is remote controlled. In fact this concept is as old as the mid 20th century, we’ve all seen those futuristic shows like the Jetsons and Star Trek or heard of exhibits of the Home of Tomorrow from the 1960s. Also there are already apps to control the lights in your home on the Apple App store.

Whatever the case maybe, until the real “Home of the future” arrives, the Wifi Plug just maybe appealing enough to make a dent in the market.

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