Access Internet Anywhere On The Planet With This Device

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Iridium – the Global Mobile Satellite Communication Company, which also developed the first non-military satellite phone has come up with another product in the line. Called the “Iridium Go!” – this device brings WiFi anywhere on the planet you go.

Iridium Go!

The WiFi ready device communicates with the company’s worldwide network of satellites, which are hovering far above our heads right now to bring data connectivity on the go. All this data however is accessed through Iridium’s own app. The Iridium GO! can connect to up to 5 smartphones, laptops or tablets at a time. Once connected, user can make voice calls, visit social media sites and even send out a GPS-enabled emergency messages from anywhere.

The device creates a Wi-Fi hot-spot of approximately 30.5-meter (100 foot) radius and gives a speed of something like a dial-up at your home. With the size small enough (4.5″x 3.25″ x 1.25″) to fit in your pocket, device costs nearly $800 without data plan. You will have to spend $35 to $130 extra for data plan, as per your need. The device however is currently in final development stage and will be available commercially in Q2 2014.


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