Adidas To Print Custom Photos On Your Shoes

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Its fascinating to see how fashion has changed over the ages. There was a time when huge wigs, crowns and turbans were the fashion of elite, then there came a time when suits, t-shirts and shorts hit the market. Today, we live in a world where we do or are trying to integrate technology into our clothes. Google Glass, the Smartwatch, the wireless, blue tooth headphones and the iPhone are all fashion statements today. Apps like Nike+ record our movements by connecting to a wireless device embedded in our running shoes, headphones monitor vital signs and now one of the most obvious innovations is taking place in fashion tech, the ability to customize our clothes.

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Adidas has come up with a campaign to boost its sales by using new technology. By partnering with Instagram (owned by Facebook Inc.), Adidas has decided to let users choose the designs on their shoes. Its surprising that the tech industry took this long to get here.

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An app for Android and iOS can be used to take photos uploaded to Instagram and map them on to a pair of specially designed shoes, called the ZX Flux sneakers. This will relay the information to Adidas who will have the shoes made with said design and send them to you.


This will obviously start new trends as have all picture related things on the internet (memes, selfies etc.). Who knows? We might see shoes that sport memes and selfies in the years to come. Damn. That’ll be annoying.

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