Advertisement Is Moving To Moon In Near Future

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Time capsule has always been the cause of celebration for children. It is an excitement of conveying their dreams to someone in future or perhaps someday their future self will open the capsule and laugh about the silly dreams. It turns out there are other exciting ways to celebrate time.


A Japanese pharmaceutical company has planned to launch a powdered drink to moon in a 1kg titanium can with an impressive logo on it. The idea behind is to advertise their product out of the planet. The powdered drink is actually the company’s notorious “Pocari Sweat”. The specialty of this drink will be the rings etched with dreams of about 38,000 children from across Asia. Hence this mission is named as “Dream Capsule”. The dream capsule will be launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in October 2015. The company has called upon the children to start sending their dreams latest by May, 2015.


The launch of this drink will cost about $500,000 to the company. It is said to be released on the dark side of the moon facing away from earth. It will with-stand the extreme conditions of launch, variable temperature and will survive at moon for years. The powdered form can be re-hydrated to drink in the future.

The aim of this dream capsule is to motivate children to become an astronaut. They can then recover their dream in future travelling to moon as an astronaut. Some suspect it to be a public stunt and a marketing strategy. On one hand it may seem foolish but it is a great initiative for Asian children since they usually follow stereotypical careers when new avenues are yet to be explored.

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