After Drones, Parachutes Are Ready To Deliver Your Food Now

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The phrase “fast food” is being given new meaning these days when delivery is promised and delivered in less than 30 minutes either by a rider or by a drone. But what if the food was delivered like a blessing from above. There are stories after all of blessings and glad tidings descending from the sky.


In Melbourne, a few “crazy” or perhaps “inspired” young people have opened up what they call a “float-down eatery”. They’re calling this project JaffleChutes. Jaffle is Australian slang for “toasted sandwich” and chute is for parachute. The concept is that you order online, pay online through PayPal and simply walk to their location and stand on a red “X” marked on the ground. In a while your tasty toasted sandwich will gracefully float down in to the palms of your hands, or maybe get caught on some telephone wires. The point is that this idea is not only fun to think about but has proven to be fun to do.

float down eatery

A group of friends simply opened a Facebook page by the name Jaffle Chute and told people about this little project of theirs through the Social Network. They didn’t seriously think that it was going to be a roaring success and it wasn’t, but it wasn’t a failure either. Customers seemed to be delighted by this endeavor.

The Jaffle Chute troupe is a travelling restaurant and due to the high price of renting out restaurant space they simply “throw” their customers the food and send them off to eat somewhere else after they’ve experienced something strange and new.

The website features a smiling parachute and a few Q&As, the last of which says:

So I pay for a jaffle, and then you’re going to throw it at me?

Kind of like that, yep.”

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