Meet The Alarm Clock That Makes Coffee As You Wake Up

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“Early to bed; early to rise” looks perfect in an unrealistic children story book. In reality, the probability of following the quote is (nearly) zero.

Alarm clocks are not exactly a man’s best friend but they are good advisers; trying to instill the importance of time. Even then leaving warm bed in morning is hard and may lead you taking out your temper on alarm clocks.

waking up in the morning

You may have invented different ways to keep the alarm clock to wake you up on time. Like placing clock inside a glass to sound alarm louder, keeping alarm clock out of your reach or setting alarms for 30 minutes with 5 minutes interval.

hybrid device with alarm clock and coffee

But what if you wake up to a freshly brewed coffee right at your bed-side table? That’s exactly the idea behind Barisieur – a hybrid between an alarm clock and a coffee maker. The initiative was taken by a London based industrial designer Josh Renouf. This gadget has an average digital clock at the base and a mini coffee maker on top of it. It looks like a mini version of a geek’s chemistry set.

coffee alarm clock milk compartment

The top of the Barisieur has three circular compartments; one has a glass beaker, the other has a coffee mug and third one is for placing a small glass bottle filled with milk. A funnel is hosted on top of the mug and connected to the glass beaker through a glass tube.

The glass beaker has stainless steel balls which produce sound (as they move) and heat (through induction) to brew fresh hot coffee and wake you up.

coffee alarm clock statin less steel balls for sound and heat

The front face of the clock has a digital clock, knobs for setting temperature for the mini refrigerator and a small drawer for sugar & coffee. The refrigerator keeps the milk cool overnight.

coffee alarm clock inside

Renouf is now developing a commercially viable alarm clock. The estimated retail price for the clock is $250 – $450. If you want to wake to a soft metal clicking sound along with coffee aroma, then price really won’t matter. Share your comments in the section below.

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