Amaze People Using A Levitating Phone In Public

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“What is magic? Magic is deception, but deception designed to delight, to entertain, to inspire.” as quoted by J. Daniel Atlas in the remarkable movie “Now You See Me”. Magic has indeed influenced our childhood and even as adult, aware of the misdirection, we cannot be any less mesmerized. This is exactly what John Stessel felt about magic. He wanted to add magic to every aspect of his life.

magic phone stand levitates your phone in mid air

John designed the concept of levitating stands for your smart phone. Yes, that is right! The phone just sits there in mid-air with the USB cable limping down to the surface. It looks nothing less than the phone supported by an invisible magical force. The illusion seems real but it is just another magic trick. The cable actually forms a rigid coil, supporting the phone via its micro-USB or 30-pin charging port.

Magic levitating keys and mobile phone stand

John developed this magic phone stand in partnership with the America’s oldest magic shop Martinka. The idea was launched on kickstarter two weeks ago with the goal of $8000. It has already snagged $6000.

magic phone stand using while working

The first version created by John was levitating keys to avoid losing them. The magic phone stand is available for iPhone 5/5S/5C, the iPhone 4/4S and Android smart phones using a micro USB connector for $24 only. In order to support larger smart phones such as Note 3 additional improvements are to be made. It is scheduled to ship to early supporters in September. Owing to the current success of the magic phone stand we can expect to see other levitation objects real soon.

If you still do not believe us, watch it yourself below.

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