This Android App Recognize You By The Shape Of Your Ear

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Ergo is a paid android app that works with Bio-metric technology to authenticate your identity. Interestingly, it doesn’t uses your thumb impression, as most of the android apps already do; instead uses shape of your ear to recognize you.

Ergo App Screenshots

A tech start-up – Descartes Bio-metrics has developed an android app that lets you sign into your phone not with a PIN or a swipe pattern, but by touching your ear to the screen. The app doesn’t feature any external hardware, instead uses in-built sensors and technology in the smartphones to recognize people. According to the founder, the way people interact with their phone while making calls, making their ear touch screen, the speed and tilt with which they bring their phones up for every person is unique. The Ergo App uses the same features with the help of built-in phone sensors to recognize you.

Although the idea behind Ergo is very neat and unique yet most of the users who paid for the app and tried, found difficulty in operating the app. Most of the whom complained about the in-functionality of the app.

While some other geeks are also working in bio-metric products for smartphones, who knows entering PIN and Swipe Patterns to unlock your smartphone gets outdated in near future.

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