Android Powered Touchscreen Giants Are The Future Of Coffee Tables

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Are you a technical wizard who wishes to be surrounded by high-tech touch screen systems? If yes, than here is the gadget you’ve been waiting for. Ideum and 3M have designed the perfect gift for you this year. Its the coffee table that features 3M’s 46-inch multi-touch display and Ideum’s signature multi-touch table built. Ideum and 3M collaborated to the idea and came up with these giant coffee tables that run Android OS and features a beautiful base that you wouldn’t find in any other coffee table.

Android Coffee Tables

With incredibly cool specs that include a powerful 3.7GHz quad-core Intel core i7 processor and plenty of storage space: 16GB of RAM and 500GB of hard drive and a smooth and responsive display of 1080p that backs upto 60 touch points. The combination of Android and intel-based hardware makes for an immensely fast system and also the incredible thing we have seen because of the casual form factor. There are two variants of Multi-touch coffee tables: 46 and 32 inches, and of course its water-resistant (coffee-resistant).

Android Coffee Tables

The touchscreen coffee table certainly look like they are a great collaboration centerpiece for any room. You will find a number of ports and wireless connectivity built into the smart coffee table which makes it even more interesting and multipurpose, including Ethernet, USB, DVI, VGA, HDMI, DP access ports, WiDi, 802.11 n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.


But the question is that are you willing to spend this amount of money for just a bigger screen in the middle of your living room? The combination of Android and Intel-based hardware is intriguing and desirable but the starting price that is $6950 is likely out of range for many. Although Ideum believes that this product would do great in educational institutions as a giant tool for learning.

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