This Blazing Fast App Literary Reads A Book For You In Few Hours

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The average book reader reads at a rate of 220 words per minute. This is a fairly good rate but most of the time our brains lose focus while moving left to right or right to left reading the words and we have to go back to receive the information again. There is an application out there today that makes reading faster than ever.


The application is called Spritz, it saves books the same way iPhones and Kindles do but displays one word at a time for the person to read. This is a tremendous thing for avid readers as their speed, so say the creators of Spritz, will increase drastically. Some sources place the rate as high as 900-1000 words per minute. Each word will be display at a single and same point and will stop the brain requesting any eye movement saving time during reading. The app also saves time on scrolling by eliminating it. The pesky page turning animation is no longer needed and won’t get in the way of fast reading.

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Digitized books and apps for picture books or books that can make you feel their verbose emotions are in a booming business. The only problem is that maybe all this digitization is taking the soul out of reading. Reading in every serious reader’s mind is not about reading the most or the fastest, it’s about experiencing the emotions and story the author has stored in a few pages. The touch of the pages and the style of reading no matter how slow or fast is an experience, an integral part of reading a book.

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