App That Changes Your Facial Expression To Cartoon Look

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While many organizations are working day n night to make fool proof security system using the power of facial recognition, few crazy developers are using its power for entertainment purpose. Although such systems are still not as accurate as needed, but it serves the purpose of high entertainment with low accuracy.


Nito is an animation technology company which has recently launched a facial recognition iPhone application. This application converts the human face to an animated character, that tracks every movement made by the user. The user first has to initiate the application’s face recognition interface. Then they need to bring their face close to the screen. The application recognizes the features of the human face, process it and converts it to one of the 12 (currently available) different animated characters.


The users can make a 15 seconds video to record messages in their avatar form, which can be shared via email and other social media networks. In addition, Nito messaging service can also be used to chat with friends; where avatars talk to each other. This application uses an efficient algorithm to detect the human face as compared to its competitive applications.

As claimed by the developers, the algorithm used by Nito is more efficient as compared to its competitive applications on similar platform. Nito is currently available for a free download on itunes. Sadly, android users have to wait as there is no announcement yet for the application launch on other platforms.

Nito has been working on other software project designed for animators. Its CEO suspects they will ever replace Pixar or Nickelodeon but he surely hopes to create content for these big animation companies.

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