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Apple have compiled their latest list of best apps of the year. This is a list they make every year, near the end of the year. It’s a way of celebrating the best available apps, for the iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and Mac.

The big news is that Periscope is the best iPhone app of 2015. Periscope lets you easily live stream videos to followers. You could say it’s an evolution on Twitter. It’s certainly becoming increasingly popular, with the Periscope servers having a hard time of it in the recent Paris attacks, due to the large increase in active users.

So here’s an overview of the best apps per device type.

iPhone Apps

App of the year: Periscope

Most innovative: Workflow

iPhone Games

Game of the year: Lara Croft Go

Most innovative: Dark Echo

iPad Apps

App of the year: The Robot Factory

Most innovative: LiquidText

iPad Games

Game of the year: Prune

Most innovative: Her Story

Apple TV Apps


Zova Personal Trainer

Apple TV Games

Rayman Adventures

Lumino City

Apple Watch App

Dark Sky

Apple Watch Game



So that’s it! You now know what you need to download if you own Apple devices.

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