Apple Store Now Accepts All Apple Products For Free Recycling

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Apple has been pushing to make its products greener and reduce its carbon footprint since it was criticized some years ago for contributing heavily to the electronic waste on earth. Apple’s commercials for the iMac and for the iPhone and most of its products in general either elaborate or hint on its policy of reducing its impact on the planet. They always emphasize on using low power, less space, and making the life of their products greater so that the impact on the planet is reduced some way or the other. This year though they’ve decided to go a little further during Earth Day.


Apple uploaded a new video to its website recently titled “Better”. Its a video in which Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, outlines his company’s approach and plan for the future. He says, in short, that they would like to leave the world better than when they found it.

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Apple’s previous endeavours during Earth Day included placing a green plastic covering on top of the leaf of the Apple Logo on the store and that’s about it. This year however, Apple is accepting used products for recycling and handing out gift cards in return and more than that they’re doing deals with private companies to recycle as many products as they can. Whether this deal extends to all Apple Products like the iDevices as well as the TVs and the mice and all the accessories remains to be seen.

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Apple seems to want to really get its message out this year and if they’re doing it for the right reasons and not just as a publicity stunt we wish them all the luck in the world.

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