Apple’s Is Bringing iOS In The Cars

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In 2013, Apple made an unexpected announcement at the World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). Along with the expected use of adjectives like “wonderful” and “beautiful” and “magic” that apple chooses to describe each and every product they release, Apple announced that they would be introducing iOS, their mobile operating system, inside a car.


Apple did something like this back in 2005 when it teamed up with Nissan and Alfa Romeo to integrate the classic iPod in to cars, but introducing an entire operating system in to a car is orders of magnitude higher in ambition and application. The car would essentially be turned into a car plus an iPhone with access to music, the internet, the Apple maps, Siri and voice calls as well as text dictation. This announcement has met with a lot of buzz around the internet especially since Apple’s redundancy had left a lot of room open for surprise.

iOS in car leaks

In their typical elitist fashion, Apple has announced that it will be introducing the in car operating system with select auto giants like Ferrari and Mercedes Benz. So now we’ll have to buy a Ferrari or a Mercedes to be able to use Apple’s system.

iOS in the car

The voice assistant Siri has already made appearances in some cars but other than that the development of the in car iOS system was kept under wraps unlike the developments on iPhone or iPad news that are leaked almost every week. The technology is said to be releasing next week and all the fan-boys are lining up to get a peek at the big ‘A’s big unveiling.

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