Are Hoverboards Really The Future?

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On the 5th of March 2013, a company called “HUVr” made an announcement. They said that a hoverboard was finally here. The technology everyone was impressed by in the blockbuster Back to the Future Series was finally about to become a reality.

Christopher Lloyd who played Emmett “Doc” Brown in the movie, was featured in the video uploaded to Youtube that showed off the hoverboard. It showed many celebrities including star skateboarder Tony Hawk and Los Angeles rapper Schoolboy Q, riding the hover board and having a hoot and a holler. The hover board was said to contain more technology that the satellites sent into space in 2010. A working model was scheduled for release in 2015.

Back to the future

Immediately after the release though, people began questioning it’s authenticity. Sure people were excited, others cautiously optimistic, but some were downright sceptical of the matter. Many pointed out that shadows of cranes could be seen in the video above the hovering board and some pointed out inconsistencies with the physics and the engineering of the board.


The most convincing reason for doubting this video was the fact that if such technology existed, why wasn’t the army or intelligence agencies using it? Why was the public being introduced to it?

Emmett Brown

Sure enough, a day after the video was released an apology video featuring Christopher Lloyd was released. It said that unfortunately the hover board won’t be released any time soon because there is no technology even close to it yet. The video was a hoax by the website “Funny or die”. Christopher Lloyd’s as well as Tony Hawk’s involvement in this elaborate hoax is highly unusual, so is the hoax because it begs the question, why would any one waste time and money to troll the internet when they are already famous? In today’s world however, asking the aforementioned question is like asking why the sky is blue.

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