Artificial Blood Soon Be Tested On Humans

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This is the century of biology, and its really beginning to show. Strides are being made to cure HIV, to undo paralysis and to more efficiently kill cancer; on top of that entire organs are now being grown in the laboratory, transplanted in to humans and ears have even been grown on to a mouse. Humans have implanted fluorescent genes in to trees, cross pollinated plants and cross bred animals to produce crops and breeds never heard of before. So naturally humans have now taken it upon themselves to make artificial blood.

Genetically modified rice

Genetically Modified Rice

Blood protein has been created artificially before in China by genetically modifying rice a few years ago. This method uses a different approach. It uses cells extracted from the human body to revert back to stem cells. Stem cells, as one knows, can transform into any cell at all, they are the babies of cells, they can grow and be molded into whichever shape or state known to be cell. The cells are given a bone marrow like environment to grow and multiply.

universal artificial blood

The blood, developed by researchers at the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS), would be Type O negative, also known as universal donor blood, which currently comprises just 7 percent of the blood donor pool. This process, if it could be scaled up to the level of industry, could serve the purposes of blood transfusions world wide and blood banks would no longer require donors but would do deals with the producers of this soon to be product.

artificial blood

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