Artificial Intelligence Lens Will Help Blinds See In The Future

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The technology developed for blinds is still immature. Every product developed is incorporated with braille such as B-Touch mobile phone and Braille E-book. Although lots of research work has been done to help blinds see, but it has not been 100% successful. Research on robotic eye-ball has already hit the testing phase. But there are few teams who are trying to address the blinds issues with a little unique way.

glasses for blind people

Researchers from Center for Research and Advanced Studies (CINVESTAV) in Mexico are developing glasses for visually impaired people. They have combined ultrasound, GPS, stereoscopic vision and artificial intelligence to create sophisticated glasses which will require low power and will be (reportedly) more affordable. All this has become possible due to advancements in electronics technology.

Artificial intelligence bases glasses for visually impaired people

Researchers have used artificial intelligence in glass lenses to help blind locate and identify objects. Stereoscopic vision algorithms for robots are used to provide an effective vision using two cameras mounted on the frame. Also, the ultra-sound technology can help to detect both static and moving objects nearby, whereas GPS will provide navigation to the blind. The new algorithms and technology make this product unique and efficient for blinds to use.

This technology will finally help give the blind with vision to truly see the world around them. Additionally, these glasses will also be useful for low vision people. The research group has signed the patent for the product, which will be ready for the mass production by 2015 and is currently looking for investors to fund.

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