Audi Tech Helps You Catch The Green Light

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Catching the light is hard. Never is a drive so smooth that the car never slows down or speeds up. Damn traffic lights always mess up your timing. They either make you wait before the red light or make you break the speed limit to catch the green light. Audi tech is seeking to make things easier.


A new system installed in Audi will help the driver to have the smoothest drive possible. Using the internet through Audi Connect and Multi Media Interface, the system in the car contacts the traffic control computers in the city and synchronizes the car’s motion as such. Today’s traffic lights work in unison on timers with strict intervals in which the green light and red light are displayed. The Audi tech system requests these timings and speeds up or slows down the car accordingly. If the car is already at a red light, the car starts approximately 5 seconds before the green light appears. This way the smoothest drive can be achieved.

Traffic Light

This will also help save fuel as frequent acceleration and braking wastes a lot of gasoline. This according to official estimates will help save 900 million litres of petrol in Germany alone. It will also result in a 15 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions annually.

This system will be tested in Verona, Italy with a set of 60 traffic lights and 25 cars are being tested in Berlin with a 1000 lights. Initial trials will be a testimony of how well this will work.

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