Australia Has Enough Geothermal Resources To Meet Next 26000 Years Energy Demand

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Geothermal energy is one of the most attractive sources of energy generation as it is “clean energy” having almost zero impact on the environment and easy regulation, 24/7 as compared to wind and solar power.

Australian authorities have recently confirmed that its country has massive amount of untapped geothermal resources and even one percent of it is enough to meet the energy requirement for the entire country for 26000 years.

Survey tests reveal the presence of available heat sources at the depth of just 5 kms below ground surface.


The major reason for the under-development is the inconvenient location of these resources. For example, the prime heat source at the center of the map lies in the middle of a desert several hundred kilometers away from the Sydney or Adelaide. In this situation, power utilization will prove costly.

Other reasons are geological and political.

The hot rock available in most parts of Australia are not porous enough for extraction of heat. The cracking processes need to be adopted for this purpose which is costly. The government has allocated only AU$50 million for geothermal development.


Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has expressed positive feelings towards renewable energy resources, saying “Coal is good for humanity… Essential to the prosperity of the world” while describing wind farms as “ugly… noisy and they may have all sorts of other impacts… It’s right and proper that we’re having an inquiry into the health impacts of these things.” Abbott’s treasurer Joe Hockey has also described wind generators as “utterly offensive”

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