Automatic Rubber Band Blaster Gun

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Summers are on. For students it means leisure time and picnics. But this sensation is short lived as the holidays become boring enough to bite you pretty soon. Don’t worry, there is a bright side too. Maybe you can complete the pending project you once started back during studies. You can mess around and learn new stuff. And if by any chance you want to build a rubber band generating guns, here is what you have to do.

blast rubbers at the rate of 10 per send

David Dorhout has launched a design project on KickStarter. This design project consists of Automatic Rubber Band Blaster Kit. If you pledge this, David will email you all .STL files. Using these files you will be able to print Rubber Band Blaster-32 parts and can source motor, battery holder etc. The kit will contain all the necessary parts for you to build a rubber band gun.

Rubber band blaster gun

With extra cost, you can get access to files for 3D printing of these parts. You can finally use your 3D printer sitting in the corner.

The gun is loaded with a bunch of rubber bands and can fire up to 10 rubber bands per second. The gun is easily reloadable. If you are skeptic and wondering why would you want to do that? The answer is simple, this kit will help you control the rate of fire which may seem non-trivial but can open up other innovative ventures using this technology. You just need to squeeze the trigger briefly and fire once, hold it down and release a stream of rubber bands.

So people who are going to try this design project? If you want more details, go to KickStarter or watch the video below.

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