Back To The Future Hover Board Is Here

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Hendo Hover, a California based company, brings classic 80’s ‘Back To Future’ vision of flying cars and clothes to reality in the form of a flying hover-board. The project just got funded on Kickstarter with a whopping 2,063 pledgers collecting $361,430 more than the target and still 49 more days to go at the time of writing this article.

Hendo Hover says, “We aim to get this technology into everyone’s hands (and under everyone’s feet)!”

Hendo Hoverboard Fly One Inch Off Ground

You can stand on the hover-board and it really floats one inch off the ground. The technology transmits electromagnetic energy more efficiently than before which helps to hover over non-ferrous metals with payloads and scalable to any size or any weight. The technology is pretty cool except for the limitation of a non-ferromagnetic metal surface to float over.

The only thing you will be missing to your Marty McFly Halloween costume is this hover-board. The creators, Greg and Jill Henderson, are deliberately avoiding any association of the product to the science fiction film to avoid any legal engagement.

back to the future hoverboard 2

The Hendo hover-board is claimed to be the “world’s first real hover-board”.  The four disc-shaped hover engines create a magnetic field generate the lift to levitate the board. This technology was already available but the Hendo team has aligned it to the real world application.

Hendo Team explains on their Kickstarter page, “Levitation using magnets seems simple — just put one magnet over another, same poles facing, and the top one will float. Voila, right? Sadly, as we all find out (usually as heartbroken little kids) this never works. Due to something called Earnshaw’s Theorem, a stable static equilibrium between two magnets is impossible. There have been a number of ways around this, but none have proven feasible enough for everyday applications.”

Back to the future hoverboard

The core technology in the hoverboard is named as “Magnetic Field Architecture” (MFA) based on Lenz’s Law. This law states how the movement of magnets relative to a conductive material produces circular electric currents (eddy currents). The Hendo Hoverboard efficiently opposes magnetic fields that eddy currents produce.

Hendo hoverboard cannot be used on the pavement rather it only works on special skate park covered with non-ferromagnetic conducting material. However, in future, it may change. So hurry up, get your very own hover-board for $10,000 and your own hover developer kit called Whitebox for $299.

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