Backpack-Trolley-Scooter-Skateboard – 4 In 1 Solution

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It appears that each year producers give a new function and meaning towards the backpack and carry-on. But, in 2014 we have been introduced by a 4-in-1 backpack-trolley-scooter-skateboard. This 4-in-1 pack offers some serious versatility for moving both you and your possessions. If the rider wants to scoot his haul across the airport floor than the Olaf urban has a fold-down scooter platform that would facilitate your mobility. So lets see we have already got a Micro Luggage that combines a handlebar suitcase with a mini scooter and a Glyde Gear’s Fly that is a backpack with an integrated scooter.

Don't feel like scooting anymore?

Don’t feel like scooting anymore?

Don’t feel like scooting anymore? Not an issue, the scooter can be folded in no time and the pack worn on the back or pulled along as wheel luggage. So this 4-in-1 pack gives you multiple options to carry yourself and your belongings without any hassle. Moreover, the back pack can be separated from the scooter which provides the user with a more comfortable and lighter pack and a standalone scooter.

Scooter and Backpack separated

Scooter and Backpack separated

The urban’s last feature that makes it a standout product of 2014 is that the handlebar folds flat around the scooter platform transforming it into a skateboard. This skateboard adequately allows you to wheel across the campus, if not jump or fly.

The business version is 3-in-1 and comes with a more rigid, carry-on-style pack. Olaf is currently working on this 3-in-1 business model which somehow seems to be a bit of a stretch as the third function is simply hauling it by its handles and doesn’t even offer any skateboard capabilities. This interesting, multi-functional piece of kit has a starting price of US$340 and will be launched in three months.

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