Battery Powered Trousers Can Help You Walk On Walls

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Inspired by The Wrong Trousers movie (1993), a group of students from University of Leicester, UK have come up with a brilliant design of trousers that will help you walk on walls vertically. The trouser is equipped with a pair of battery which creates vacuum between boot soles and the wall. The battery creates enough vacuum in between, that it might allow the wearer walk on ceilings, for a shorter period of time.

When we walk down the ground surface, our foot-steps shift entire body weight from one foot to the other and not both of our feet take body weight simultaneously. Therefore, to make the trouser more functional and super-efficient, students did mechanics considering that only one boot will take complete weight of the body and device moving vertically.

With all practical assumptions, students concluded that a vacuum of approximately 18.5 kPa relative to the environment will be required to take-on normal body weight. This vacuum pressure is somewhat closer to any ordinary vacuum cleaner.

Battery powered trousers

The only issue this design faces is the battery power. The battery so provided cannot produce this much of vacuum for more than 20 minutes. That means, this robotic trouser cannot withstand vertical walking for more than 20 minutes. Direct power could be provided to increase the operational timings but that would limit the distance coverage.

As the trouser creates vacuum relative to the environment, it is practically impossible for it to function in space. Space already has a pressure, closer to perfect vacuum. Creating negative vacuum is the next mystery, the team might solve.

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