Before Making A New Year Resolution, You Should Try These 13 Things

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2015 is here! You may have felt determined to be a better and changed person while taking out your pen and getting ready to make New Year resolutions.  We admire your enthusiasm but before you make resolutions, consider adding these little things on the list. We think if you avoid making big plans to just get lazy on them, you might just accomplish your New Year resolutions for the first time.

1. If You Don’t, You May Even Find A Supernatural Creature Living Underneath Your Bed! 

1-New Year Resolution 2015

2. Your Clothes Deserve Some Respect. After all, They Endure You Each Day

3-New Year Resolution 2015

3. Stop Being Lazy And Shed Some Fats

4-New Year Resolution 2015

 4. And There Is A First Time For Everything

5-New Year Resolution 2015

5. And You May Even Experience Ratatouille’s Elaborate Taste Visualization! Like Firworks Going On

6-New Year Resolution 2015 6. Morning Jog Can Make You Less Irritating At Work

7-New Year Resolution 2015

7. Go And Just Do It! That’s The Rule

8-New Year Resolution 2015

8. And Earn Some Points! She May Even Make You Her Heir

9-New Year Resolution 2015

9. Follow Sheldon Cooper’s Advice And Avoid Bed Bugs

11-New Year Resolution 2015

10. Yeah! That Thing! Poor Doctor

12-New Year Resolution 2015

11. You Can Cause A Road Accident With Your Dazzling Teeth

13-New Year Resolution 2015

12. You Might Be Too Lazy To Make To Next Attempt

2-New Year Resolution 2015

13. Please Have Mercy On People Who Love You! 

10-New Year Resolution 2015

h/t: Buzzfeed

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