Billboards Will Be Shelter For Homeless In Slovakia

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Billboards! We are neither putting up an advertisement nor talking of music charts rather informing about billboard shelter for the homeless to be built in Slovakia. Amazed!

Well, roadside billboards seem a great option for advertising your product but lately people have discovered other uses for it. Like, last year in Peru, a billboard was designed to make drinking water out of thin air. This year, Slovakia has a billboard shelter designed for homeless people.

Billboard shelter home

A Slovakian firm, Design Develop, has took an initiative with The Gregory Project; turning a triangular space between two billboards into a two room apartment for those who cannot afford.

billboard shelter home entrance

Roadside billboards are placed side by side facing opposite to each other in order to target the oncoming vehicles from both direction. This creates a small triangular space in between both billboards. Designs were optimized to turn this open space into a living space.

According to the design, the apartment will have one room with an entrance hall, kitchen with a small desk, a raised bed with storage underneath and the other room; a bathroom. The bathroom consists of washbasin placed on built-in cabinet, a toilet and a shower box.  Both the ceiling and the ground floor are in triangular shape.

billiboard shelter home living room

The maintenance cost for the house can be paid partially through the rental of advert space and the billboard lights can illuminate the house. The implementation of this design is not difficult due to the availability of water and energy grids.

Billboard shelter home bathroom

Gregory is an open code project where architects, designers and artists can suggest new design and layout alternatives for the billboard shelter homes.

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