Blood Tests Can Now Be Used To Diagnose Depression

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Depression is a clinical psychological disorder common to the 21st century. Mostly teenagers and post teens in their formative years have to deal with depression. Depression leads to an unhealthy lifestyle sometimes culminating in suicide. The greatest trouble perhaps is diagnosing depression as early as possible so it doesn’t evolve and seriously effect an individual. Research published in the Medical University of Vienna says that it may now be possible to detect depression through a simple blood test.

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The body regulates emotion through different hormones. A study shows that serotonin levels in the blood in the brain and in the intestines are a good indicator of depression. The lower the serotonin, the higher the chance of depression. The transport of this hormone is facilitated by the serotonin transporter, a protein in the cell membrane. And the transporter in turn regulates the neural depression network. Using MRIs it has been demonstrated that the level of activity of the transporters in the uptake of serotonin in the platelets effects the neural depression network.

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Thus the studies indicate that a blood test may be indicative of depression. This is not to suggest however, that the blood test will be used as primary evidence in the diagnosis of depression. Results do show that it diagnoses people with depression correctly 91% of the time and correctly rules out depression in a human being 81% of the time, but the percentages speak for themselves, the test is not perfect.

The test however, will serve as a supplement to the diagnosis.

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