BMW Is Developing A Car That Can Be Parked Using Smartphone

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Imagine you need to reach a business meeting urgently but you get stuck trying to find a parking spot in a multi-storey car park and end up being late for the meeting. BMW wants to save your time through an automatic car parking system which will park the car on its own while you can go to the meeting without any worry.

BMW Smart Watch Car Parking

BMW will display BMW i3 car at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas in January which reportedly has self-park mechanism through integrated smart-watch. All a driver needs to do is activate “Remote Valet Parking Assistant” via an app which will guide the vehicle to a parking spot automatically.

BMW Smart watch

The laser sensors embedded in the car scan the surrounding environment to avoid running into anything. The car sensors work in combination with a digital site plan in order to have a map of the environment and steers around any obstacles. Once the car finds a parking space, it locks itself and can be re-activated through voice command or smart watch. When a driver issues a command, the car calculates the exact time the driver arrives at the car park and starts up accordingly.

BMW has been working on self-driving cars for some time now, but the prototype BMW i3 still seems imperfect and prone to crashing during self-park tasks. The company tested out a “highly automated” car model in 2009 and again in 2011. They even publicly tested out a self-driving car at last year’s CES. We have to wait for 2015 CES to see what the company is doing differently this time.

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