British Inventor Creates Wolverine Claws At His Personal Garage

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Colin Furze is quite a character. He is a plumber and stuntman and film maker from Stamford, England. He likes to get his hands dirty with a lot of wacky projects. He’s the modern day equivalent of a mad scientist. Like the experiments done on mythbusters, Colin also goes to the extreme but not to bust myths, to just have fun. He holds the Guinness World Record for the largest bonfire, longest motorcycle and the fastest speed on a mobility scooter.

guinness book of world records

Now he’s trying his hand at making real life X-Men powers starting with the Wolverine Claws.


Colin Furze began by crafting the metal claws and sharpening them vigorously. He payed close attention to the look of the claws and tried to tailor them just as they were in the X-Men movies. He said that he tried to make them thicker and stronger but that would have compromised on the look.

steely claws

This was followed by fitting the claws onto his arms with a plate around his hands. The claws were fitted with valves at their ends and connected to an air tank which Colin carries around. With the press of a button Colin can activate the air tank and send the claws flying out.

claws of steel

A spring mechanism installed retracts the claws. This shows Colin’s attention to detail as he made sure that the claws looked and worked according to the movies too.

wolverine claws

The main complaint Colin has with his own design is the air tank he has to carry around with him all the time. With time he says, he could either find a replacement mechanism or design a smaller air tank but the pros outweigh the cons. The mechanism works without failure and costs nothing to recharge.

blade spread

Colin built the Claws in two weeks in his garage.

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