Burger King Introduces Creepy Yet Tasty Black Burger

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Burger King has added a new item to its menu, an all-black burger which is made up of black pepper, black bun and black sauce. This weird combination is Burger King’s latest menu option at their Japan outlet. Here is how it looks like:


The Burger may look like burnt scraps from a barbecue or stuffed with melted tyre fillings. However, the buns are darkened and cheese given the melted tar look with bamboo charcoal. The beef burgers are topped with black pepper, onion and garlic sauce mixed with squid ink. There are other burgers with black buns and black ketchup.


According to the Burger King, diners have given favorable reviews for the all black burger. The burger looks creepy but it seems that it is delicious after all.

The international chain claims to have released this burger for a third time with receiving positive reception all the way. However, the Burger King’s Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond are not the first black burgers around the world. French burger chain Quick and Opso in London have both black food items on their menu. Opso offers a fish burger and squid ink bun while Quick has created a black bun named Dark Vador to mark the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D.


There are also regional black dishes such as Spanish Arros Negre (a cuttlefish and rice dish) to squid ink risotto, black pasta and black pudding.


An all-black banquet was held back in 2009 by jelly-makers Bompas and Parr. Sam Bompas explained the idea saying, “black food is actually a luxury, a way of laughing at death to overcome it”.

The all black burger looks gross and creepy but every food should be given a chance before getting rejected. We will try this black burger, will you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. I would be surprised if this actually becomes a top-seller as people would probably avoid ordering it. It may taste good but, looks really weird.

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