Called The Helicycle, This Motorcycle Can Fly Upto 112mph

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Flying vehicles, a concept penned down by fictional authors and cartoon animators such as Mr. Weasley’s magically alternated flying Ford Anglia and The Jetsons flying transportation system of 2062 are apparently evolving in 2014. The fantasy is just becoming the reality of our time.

We are now on the edge of witnessing the world’s first flying motorcycle, nearly after a century since the first two-wheeled motorcycle came into the market.


A Dutch based company has designed a two-seat, three wheeled vehicle capable of switching between a motorcycle and a gyrocopter (resembles a helicopter when in air). And that’s not it!


This hybrid car named “Helicycle” can fly at a speed of 112mph at low altitude of 4000ft as it goes from drive to flight mode in about 10 minutes. Helicycle can gear up speed on road from 0 to 60 mph in under 8 seconds.

The two seat vehicle with its four cylinder provides 230 hp speeding both in the air and on road. The vehicle is equipped with propeller, rotor and dual rubber for conversion from drive to flying mode. The rotor spins due to the forward motion of the vehicle in order to provide the necessary lift which otherwise is not powered. This hybrid car is made up of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum, weighing about 1500 lbs.

helicycle flying in the skies

During the flight mode, the Helicycle requires a 540ft runway for taking off into the skies. A 27 gallon gas tank is ideal for a day’s trip from The Hamptons to Martha’s Vineyard or in numbers 750 miles on road and 220 miles in flight.

The Helicycle functions similar to a motorcycle on road; leaning in on turns hustling like a sports car. The advanced gyroscope technology helps the rotor to get unfolded and the tail to extend within minutes to hurtle off towards the skies.

helicycle on road speeding like a motorcycle

Unlike an airplane or a fictional vehicle, it does not simply convert and speed off on the road. As soon as the vehicle lands, its engine stops, the propellers are folded and the rotator takes back its horizontal position.

a motorcycle that can fly too

The Pal V one – the official name, made its first flight 18 months ago and now is available for  sale with a price tag of $395,000. If you want to become an air speed junkie too, buy this vehicle and share your comments about this hybrid car in the section below.

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