Canadian Bus Stops Heat Up When You Touch

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Technology is cold, heartless, unfeeling and the more advertising campaigns popularize it, the more it pushes people apart. Instead of focusing on the view, one takes a picture of it for Facebook. Instead of lovingly gazing in to the eyes of one’s child or wife, they send them a text message or an email. Instead of talking to people we all stare at the screens in our pockets and on our laps like mindless zombies, ignorant of what connecting actually means. Once in a while though, something in technology comes along to genuinely bring people closer together. This time it’s happened in Canada.

Coming together for the good of all

Canada is cold, like really, really cold. The winter there lasts longer than most parts of the world and is one of the harshest any where on the planet. In a campaign to cash in on this opportunity and beat the cold, Duracell, the smart power battery company has installed heated bus stops in Montreal. The way to activate the heating however is novel.

Heat connection

The Bus Stop is a giant circuit with the positive and negative terminals positioned inside on opposite sides. To connect them, commuters have to hold hands to form a chain and connect the two terminals. This activates a heating element in the roof of the bus stop. In a splendid move, Duracell has made people come together for the common good.

Heating element

The move is unbelievably cute and a welcome departure from the use technology is usually put to, no matter how many ads say otherwise.

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