Capture Pictures With Blink Of Your Eyes With These Amazing Glasses

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iPal, a start-up company has taken a big leap aiming none other than Google itself. It proclaims to have better smart glasses then the Google glasses. The specification provided for the glasses are unbelievable but not impossible. It makes us wonder how the Google engineers missed such a technology.

eye tracking smart glasses

The design of iPal glasses is not only comfortable on eyes but look just like ordinary glasses. The uniqueness of this product lies in the eye tracking technology. It means the cameras embedded inside the glasses track your eye movement and record accordingly. You do not have to place your head in a particular position to capture; the issue we face with Google Glasses, which puts physical constraint and requires unnecessary weird movements.

focus and crop a certain area to capture a picture

Imagine wearing these glasses and watching your favorite game; as you follow the game, the glasses follow your eyes and record everything you see. You can even use rolling buffer which continuously records and only keep the desired recording while over writing extra footage. This is one way of capturing the memorable moments of your life.

Live capture and share

In addition to videos you can capture images in three modes: single, burst and specific interval images. You can crop picture without using an app with a simple eye gesture. Unbelievable! You can also share images on social media with pre-recorded eye gestures such as a blink or a stare. In addition, if you are staring on a particular object iPad will automatically zoom in and out as well. You can make a rectangle shape around any object in focus using eye movement.

The iPal glasses has two 5 MP HD cameras and a video resolution of 720p. It can be paired with android, iOS and windows phone using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. It can store 8GB locally with 32GB additional storage through SD card. A single charge can record a 2 hour video and capture images for 24 hours.

Looks like Google should have a Facebook-like trick up their sleeves before iPal out sells the Google Glass.

If you want to buy these glasses go ahead to indiegogo and make your pledge.

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