Capturing Moments When They Are Gone Is Possible Now

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Camera can capture and store priceless moments in your daily life. But few moments occur so spontaneous and quick that the idea of storing it in a video form looks a nightmare. But these guys from Auckland, New Zealand have come up with a wearable WiFi camera, which films the priceless moments in HD quality after they’ve already come and gone.

“Technology changes—our memories should last forever,” the camera’s Kickstarter video explains. “Imagine if there was a device that captured our favorite moments that would otherwise be lost.”

Capable of recording look videos from 5 seconds to5 minutes. This mini camera comes with magnetic back plates, which can be used to attach it on to the clothes. An app compatible with iOS and Android can control the camera, the footage and how video is stored. To permanently store a video in camera, user can press the recall button to transfer video into cloud based storage in camera’s internal memory. MeMini comes with 1800mAh Li-ion battery, which can record a video feed for 3 hours on a full charge.

meMini camera meMini App

The gadget is presently available on kickstarter project database, where it has already generated its original funding goal of $50,000. You can get more details about it on their MeMini Website.

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