This Carbon Fiber 3-D Printer Is A Roadway To Print Super Cars

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Called the Mark-One, this 3-D printer uses carbon fiber as the printing material. Although,, tons of 3-D printing technologies have made ground but most of them uses plastic or polymer as the printing material.

Gregory Mark – The guy who actually thought about the idea of such printer co-owns Aeromotion –  a company which builds computer-controlled race car wings. To make such wings more durable, light weight aerodynamic, Mark used carbon fiber for the development work, and the only way to do it was, well before this 3-D printer, to get the carbon fibers and lay it up piece by piece. The method costs too much of effort and time. So, mark after a failed try of finding such a 3-D printer in market, came up with his own Mark One.

Mark One 3-D printer

The printer is state of the art design example of simplicity. It is a compacted uni-body design, measuring 22.6 inches wide, 14.2 inches tall, and 12.7 inches deep—a good desktop size.

Using the carbon fiber, Mark One can print parts 20 times stiffer and five times stronger than a normal ABS, according to the company. It even has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than CNC-machined aluminum. Mark wants to make his 3-D printer available to customers as well. So he has set a price tag of $5,000 per piece.

Mark One is potentially a huge step for 3D printing, which has been limited mainly to plastics, limiting its real-world applications. No surprises, if we see a bigger 3-D printer, using carbon fiber to make a line of affordable Super Car bodies in future.

Meanwhile, see the teaser video of the product below:


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