Check Out The World’s First 3D Printed Dishwasher

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3D printing has vast scope in improving our daily lives. This innovation proves it! Don’t you think?

Doing dishes without a dishwasher is probably the most annoying task for students who are living in student houses. Filip Sjöö, a Swedish student thought about it way too far than others and came up with a dishwasher that he made using 3D printing technology. Filip used his CAD and Solid works 3D skills along with knowledge of 3D printing of plastics to make his dishwasher.


Its mechanism is simple to understand as well. It is a device that gets attached to the mouth of the tap and has a water wheel which uses the energy of flowing water to power itself. This energy is used to move the brush attached on the other end of the device to move to & fro cleaning the dish. You can check it out below:

The maker had to suffer some failures until succeeding in making a functional device. He explained, “The maximum angle you can print without supports is approximately 45 degrees. Because of this, I had to make a custom design. I was not sure that I would succeed in printing functional threads, as the pitch was only 1 mm, but surprisingly it worked very well after some failures”


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