Chicago City Installing Smart Sensors City Wide To Monitor Everything

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Big Data has become the buzz word in recent years. It turns out that huge amount of data is being generated online and offline which can be tailored to extract useful information. This information can in turn be analyzed to improve the performance of any system or a business. Big Data is a subject which encompasses different field areas e.g. such smart statistics can be the key to fighting crimes. See this Ted Talk if you don’t believe us.

big data and smart city

Today we are not going to indulge in crime fighting but will take you to the future Chicago city.

Chicago has decided to install wireless sensors on the light poles all over the city. These smart sensors will collect data for the air quality, light intensity, sound volume, heat, precipitation and wind. In addition they will also collect population in a certain area using the mobile signals of the citizens. This sparked privacy issues but it was ensured that no personal mobile data will be collected. The mobile signals will only be used to know about traffic in the city.

wireless sensor network in a city

All the information collected with the sensors will be relayed at a central facility in the city. The data scientists will analyze the data using computer tools and will draw useful results. e.g. if they come to know that a certain highway has a high traffic, maybe they can suggest developing more routes around the area.

Smart chicago city

The sensors will officially be deployed this summer. Looks like smart statistics will benefit the city to become smarter.

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