China Has Come Up With Crazy Solution To Eliminate Pollution

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Chinese are known for their hard work and perseverance but sometimes they come up with weird yet cool ideas. Like this idea of declaring war on pollution. The step was taken by the Chinese government in response to its people threatening to sue government and architectural firms for deploying air shields only for wealthy.


Aviation Industry Corporation of China will release unmanned aerial vehicles into the sky to freeze the most harmful particles from the atmosphere. However, it will not remove the particles but leave them frozen on the ground.  Yes, right where people live. It will mainly focus on PM2.5 known to be the most dangerous pollutant.

These drones will cover a 3.1 mile radius equivalent to one airport and will carry 700 Kg of chemicals used for this frozen mission. It will have a paragliding wing helpful in carrying three times more weight. These drones are said to be cheaper to maintain, easier to control and carry a wider payload of chemicals. This technology will cost lesser maintenance cost. It reportedly comes with easier controllers and can carry massive payload during flight.

Premier Li Keqiang addressed on the live television saying, “We will resolutely declare war against pollution as we declared war against poverty.”


China has struggled with environmental problems and heavy air pollution. In addition to deploying drones, they will also shut down industrial plants and small coal fired furnaces which have not had any significant impact on the country’s economy.

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2 Comments to China Has Come Up With Crazy Solution To Eliminate Pollution

  1. CrisisMaven

    Everyone who knows a bit about thermodynamics and entropy will understand that you can fight pollution effectivel only at (or close to) its source(s). Anything else has costs at least a multiple of the other way of dealing with the problem. The first thing is of course prevention, failing that, containment. But fighting pollution when it has already escaped can only have one explanation: to not expose the perpetrators and also keep the cost burden on the taxpayer. Which begs the question if the communist party is not directly responsible for the mess: a) through its state enterprises and b) through those private enterprises that are run by the communist billionaires and their offspring?

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