China Plans Global Train Network

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Chinese have been concentrating on the railways for a long time since the 1990s. They’ve laid down thousands of miles of railway track for high speed trains and are now in negotiations with Russia, France, the United Kingdom and the United States to build a railway that stretches around the world, the first of its kind.

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A myriad of links is planned in this ambitious (though that would be an understatement) project. The most impressive of which is the link between China and the US. The plan is to build a track that goes through northern China up through Russia, under the North Pacific, through Alaska, then Canada, and finally into the contiguous United States. The project is four times the length of the famous Chunnel that connects France to England through an underwater channel tunnel.

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The project will of course cost billions but if we’ve learned anything from the Chinese, its that they make sure they do what they say. The America and China link will be used by a train that goes about 220 miles per hour. This will allow it to cover the 8097 mile track in less than two days.

The other links planned are one which will connect London to China through Paris, Warsaw, Kiev, and Moscow. At this point the track would split in to two, one which would go to Siberia and the other through Kazakhstan. There’s also a link planned from Germany and one planned to Singapore.

As the plan gains momentum, some will be holding their breaths to see this marvel of modern engineering laid down, a testament to humanity’s subconscious need to connect. The reason maybe trade, transit, money or politics but without connection there could be none of that.

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