Chinese Company 3D Printed Ten Houses In One Day

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3D printing is making huge strides in construction. Construction industries are now using huge 3D printers to print entire buildings out of concrete and all of this is slowly becoming mainstream.

WinSun electronics, Shanghai is a company that made a huge leap forward in 3D printing construction by construction ten 2100 square feet houses in one day out of concrete. The trick was to print out all of the parts being used in the houses and simply join them together. The results were ten houses that cost a small fee of $4800.


The difference between WinSun’s way of doing things was that they dealt in individual parts while most construction companies using 3D printing tend to print out the entire building in a single go and that takes ages compared to what these guys have accomplished.

3d printed house

This construction miracle, as we like to call it, could be a solution to cheap housing and pretty good news for the common man who can’t afford to buy a new house with his meager salary. The low cost of labor, raw materials and machinery all combined to make a cheap, affordable house.

The houses are also environmentally sound as the concrete left over from previous projects is recycled when building new houses. This will be done by constructing 100 recycling plants.

3d printed building

All this said, the printer is a marvel itself. It is a 490 feet long, 33 feet wide and 20 feet deep, high volume machine. The Chinese company accomplished this deed in the Qingpu district of Shanghai.

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