This Clock Outside Congress Of Bolivia Runs Anticlockwise

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You may have heard about changing clock times to or fro in order to save daylight time. This is done in many countries as part of Daylight Saving Time campaign. However, the idea of changing the face of clock will sound both new and crazy. This was in fact done in Bolivia, a small country in western-central South America.

counter clockwise clock

Bolivian government reversed the order of a traditional clock calling it “The Clock of South”. The numbers and handles on the clock were counter clock-wised. It means the numbers 1-12 switched their places e.g. positions of 9 and 3 exchanged.

The clock is displayed at the Bolivian Congress building. They wanted to convey a message to its citizen that they should try to think out of the box. They do not need to confine themselves with a limited defined path rather change the traditional norms to make their name.

crazy counter clockwise clock bolivia

The clock also portrays the southern culture of the country to make its people feel more connected to the southern roots.

Bolivian Foreign Minister had also gifted this counter-clockwise clock to all delegates at a recent G77 Summit in Bolivia. These were specially designed to shape like the country including coastal territories it lost back in 1897.

bolivia map clock shaped like the country

Citizens are free to use any clock they want to display at their homes. It will be a nice change if you do not end up going insane for the first couple of days.

What do you think of this step taken by the Bolivian government? Is it worth it? Share your comments in the section below.

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