The Way Coca Cola Uses Sun To Cool Drinks Is Super Amazing

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Summers are fun after long and boring winters but they also come with lengthier days of scorching heat. At some places it is tolerable but at others, temperature become unbearable. If you have electricity then you can easily drink cold water, switch on AC or at most put your head in a freezer for enjoying a few moments of cool breeze. Imagine 45°C temperature and no electricity. One such unfortunate small town is Aipir, Columbia located at the outskirts of North America.

biocooler cooling coke cans in scorching heat

Luckily for this town, Coca Cola started a project to bring refreshment to areas with super hot weather and no power supply. They developed a bio-cooler, which requires no electricity, in collaboration with International Physics Center in Bogota. The four legged fridge has a top compartment with plants and a chamber below for keeping coca-cola cans. This bio-cooler is based on the principle used by ancient culture to keep things cold.

bio cooler providing cooler coca cola

Two methods govern the cooling mechanism: The first one is simple and occurs naturally. As soon as you water the plants in top compartment, the evaporation process begins providing cooling effect. The second one is a man made process using solar power. The cooler contains a mirror which focuses the heat from sun, and converts gas inside the chamber to liquid state, ultimately cooling the chamber.

Coca Cola aims to globalize this project and benefit people from third world countries facing similar situation.

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