Coffee Machines To Move To International Space Station

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In November this year, Air Force Captain Samantha Cristoforetti will become the first Italian woman to go to space. Guess what she will be taking with her? A Coffee machine! You did not expect this answer, did you?

isspresso astronauts drink from plastic bags

It seems astronauts do have a social life up there. The only thing missing are the usual snacks during short breaks. What better way to fulfill this need then to install an Espresso machine in the International Space Station (ISS)?

Italian coffee kings Lavazza in conjunction with Argotec and the Italian Space Agency will install a 20kg coffee machine named as ISSpresso. The ISSpresso was designed keeping in view the microgravity conditions in space.

Italian coffee kings in space

Luckily, the boiling temperature of the water at International Space Station (ISS) is not affected. However, since the liquid needs to be pressurized to convert coffee beans to coffee in a highly scientific environment some precautions need to be taken. One of them is to replace the normal plastic tubing to a steel tube that can tolerate about 400br pressure.

how will the coffee machine work in space

The astronauts will have to enjoy their coffee through a small plastic bag using a straw. But still anything is better than nothing! This is due to the reason that liquids cannot be easily constrained in gravity-less space.

Astronauts have expressed their happiness that it is indeed the most missed item during the long hours of working.

The way things are going we can see better living standards for astronauts in space.

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